In todays walk through life we find many people forgetting to count their blessings. We go through the motions without taking the time to find out where GOD is going. We spend to much time trying to make a living and not enjoying life. In some cases people look at their flat screens, their jobs, their rims and their cars thinking thats success (I've made it). Not knowing it's not what u drive but what drives you. Thats what going to get you to your next destination. We as leaders in the LORD'S church must take the time to instruct and empower God's poeple. NOW! trust me when I tell you there are many who want the services of the church but wont be committed to the church. Thats ok! don't let that hinder you. Just as JESUS did you will have one (1) in every twelve (12) lol. GOD really has your best intrest at heart. Its time for the true belivers to rise up and not only talk the talk but walk the walk. Many times we forget. the unsaved and unchurched are watching us and get turned off by what they see, more than what we say. The bible says we are living epistles read of men. Nothing in life come easy but sin; thats because we are born into it but we don't have to live in it. Some of you received my email Subject: "IT'S NOT OVER" preparing you for this day. YES! the business is not open yet. the prophecy hasn't come to pass, your children are not save and working in the church, no new house, no new car, no new job or promotion, your church is not running over with members. not enough money in the bank to close that deal and no phone calls saying GOD put you on my heart and told me to do this for you.GUESS WHAT? IT'S NOT OVER, you are just one day closer to that blessing. Until it all happens and comes together i'll tell u a little secret while you are waiting. Let's go back to what i said earlier, people react to what they see but GOD operates by he said!!!!! Every word or blessing that he give always requires you to do something. For exsample LUKE 6:38 GIVE AND IT SHALL BE..... PSALMS 121:1 LOOK TO THE HILLS....... PHILP 3:14 I PRESS TOWARD....... HEBREWS 13:6 BOLDLY SPEAK....... JOHN 16:33 BE OF GOOD CHEER..... ROM. 12:12 REJOICE IN HOPE. As we continue to seek the LORD and meet the requirements, we must get the lesson before we get the blessing. IN CLOSING: Think about this past Chirstmas as you where buying for family and friends. Most of the gifts and toys where clearly marked,SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED AND BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED.THIS MEANS IF WE ARE TO ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF THE BLESSINGS AND WHAT TO COME, DO YOUR PART.


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Comment by Tracy Lawanda on June 24, 2008 at 10:53am
Greetings Pastor,

I pray that you are having a WOnderful day in the Lord.

Thank You, so much.. for sharing this Blog. Continue... to do the Will of the One Who Sent You.

Agape and Shalom Be With You,
Tracy Lawanda

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