8Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.
Matthew 5:8

What do you think it means to be pure in heart? I don't think it means that you are perfect or that you never do anything wrong, but I think it points to the motives of your heart. Are you the type of person that would knowingly offend or hurt someone else? Some people just don't care what they do to others. Some people can walk around and be totally oblivious to the needs or cares of others. I would classify that as a selfish heart. What do you think? What type of heart do you have?
God lets us know that He is looking for those with a pure heart. It is not at all that difficult to have a pure heart if your heart is, in fact, being led by the Holy Spirit. Then you realize that actually the only reason your heart is anywhere near what God requires is because you live your life in concert with the Spirit of God. Now, trust me whenever you step outside of the Spirit and into your own flesh - your motives - your actions - your heart will reveal very non-pure attributes.
I see all the time how the enemy tries to divide the saints with misunderstandings, misquotes, etc. and many times we look at one another as the enemy instead of the enemy himself. We have to seek unity in the body of Christ and if we are going to do that we first must give one another the benefit of the doubt! If I'm a believer and I'm daily trying to live according to the Spirit of God and you are a believer and you are doing likewise, when there is a disagreement or a misunderstanding we owe it to one another to give each other the benefit of the doubt. It may not be that whatever caused the division was the result of either of us purposely acting or reacting - but rather Satan saw an opportunity to divide and he took it. If we live with a pureness in our heart - an attempt to live by the Spirit and treat everyone fairly and honestly and with integrity - then we can get over these disputes. Of course there are even those in the body that have not submitted themselves to the Spirit entirely, but we need pray for them and ask God to reveal their heart to them. But all in all - we owe it to one another to confront, communicate, and console.
Sometimes people will not see the pureness in your heart and for whatever reason turn away from you. Don't despair, God sees and He knows and He is a mender of hearts. He can change any situation, just give it to Him and move on. Humble yourself under the Spirit of God and cover yourself with His Word and the purity in your heart will shine forth.

c/2008 Candie A. Price

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