5 You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Psalm 23:5

I love how awesome God is! He is simply amazing! The 23rd Psalm is a scripture that
most people learn when they are children and it is has become more of a recitation
than the promise that it really is! I don't think you really understand it or appreciate
its meaning until you have had some experiences and grown in the Lord to the point
where you realize those times in your life that truly the Lord is your shepherd
leaving you to want for nothing!
Although the entire psalm is filled with a reason to shout, I just want to concentrate
on verse 5. Unfortunately probably most of us can attest to having times where
others oppose us just because of what God has done for us, in us and through us.
In today's street vernacular, we call that "hating". And trust me, haters are sometimes
everywhere - in the confines of the church walls, in our families, on our jobs -
naysayers are always present. Verse 5 says that the Lord will prepare a table
before you in the presence of your enemies. The Lord knows that you've been marked
for ridicule, anymosity, and disdain because of what He's doing for you. But He
has, in a sense, decided to throw you a big party to lavish all of His blessings
upon you and He's invited all of your "haters" to the party to witness His mark
upon your life. He has anointed and appointed you for service so much so that
your cup overflows with His Holy Spirit - all in the presence of your enemies!
Now don't get it wrong, because as humans we can get a little cocky with this information
and walk around as if we are so great and deserving of this honor. This is not a
time for you to gloat, this is a time for others to see the goodness of God in
spite of your frailties.
God does not invite your enemies so that they can look at you and determine how
great you are. God invites your enemies so that they can see that in spite of how
messed up you are, in spite of how jacked up you can be - His anointing is on your
life so that everything that you do reflects back to His lovingkindness and His
The next time the "haters" target you for ridicule or isolation, invite them to
the party! Sit at the table that has been prepared for you by the Lord and invite
them to see how loving and accepting the Lord is. Through your graciousness toward
them, through the Spirit that is within you, invite them to experience God's sovereignty.
You know that the Lord's hand is upon your life, you know that you don't deserve
His anointing so live humbly and gracious as your cup runs over. Enemies are not
there to taunt you nor are they there to make you feel reverent or above anyone
else - they are there to humble you and to encourage you even more to live your
life so that God will be glorified in spite of you!
c/2008 Candie A. Price

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