Praise the Lord, saints of God!
I posted back in January on a couple of other sites... but I feel led to share it here. I have already posted the video, which I believe sparked this testimony, so here it is. I pray God blessings upon you and that He will minister to your heart what you need to hear.

THAT'S IT!!!! (Sermon Clip, Part 1)
Praise the Lord!!!!
What a wonderful God we serve...
I got a chance so I've got to say something and give God the praises He deserves.
On our way home from church this afternoon (my husband, Minister Jeff had just delivered an awesome word as the guest preacher at another church "That's It!") We were about five minutes from home and received a phone call from our daughter, Brandi (crying) that she and Christian (our grandson) were in a car accident (who were also about 5 minutes from home). A lady slammed into the rear of Brandi's car while Brandi was waiting to make a right turn onto a residential street. The car was smashed in on the right passenger side in the back (where Christian's car seat was and he was seated). But God! Immediately after the slam, Christian asked his mom if she was okay... could she move? (Mind you, He is 3 years old) My husband, my son and I immediately turned around and went to the scene. The ambulance was there, the cops were there and Brandi's car was on a corner, messed up, squished up against a curb. She and Christian were already in the ambulance. We spoke to them for a minute. A little shaken, Christian appeared fine and except for some neck and back pain, Brandi appeared to be good as well. The ambulance took them to the hospital and we met them there, and by the time they were seen Christian was his playful self. Brandi was in a little more pain. But bless God, the doctor said that nothing appeared to be broken. She would probably be in a little pain over the next few days from her muscle being pulled, but that would be the extent.
Saints, you all know this could have been a whole lot worse. And I'm thankful. God is good and He remains faithful. Not many can walk away from things like this, especially a child. And I know it was nothing but God and His angels covering them. Keep praying for your loved ones, especially for your children. God is concerned with all that you are concerned with and He will keep them.
And let me add this, I believe the Word that God allowed Minister Jeff to minister to His people made "somebody" really really mad. I believe that it was a Rhema Word, a right now Word, a message of healing and deliverance. And know this, GOD SHALL YET BE GLORIFIED AND LIFTED UP... I have posted video clips from the sermon and if anyone wants a FREE DVD, let me know and I will do my best to get one to you.
TO GOD BE ALL GLORY. PRAISE HIM with us. GOD is wonderful!!!!
A servant of the Lord,
Sis. E

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