Have you ever wondered why things may have not went the way you wanted them to go in your life. especially after you accepted Christ as your lord and Savior. Well let me ask, Are you still trying to have things your way or Do you want it God's way? See we Battle daily with this Flesh of Ours, knowing that it will always lead us the wrong way. But we must learn to crucify our flesh Daily and feed our Spiritual man so that can truly understand God's will For our Life. The world has its way of getting things by scheming, lying, cheating , conspiring, etc. But there is a more excellent way, in fact Jesus said it this way in John 14:6a, "I am the Way, the Truth , and the Life." so since he is the way, why do I want my way? Know that in his Way, there is Truth, and ultimately a far better LIFE! Please understand that his Perfect will shall be done in your life, but there are time he will allow his permissive will to be evident as well. but before that you must conform your will(aka your plans) to his Will(aka his Plans). His ways are not our ways because they are better. his thoughts are not our thoughts, they are correct and Purer than ours. So now, get in his word more, Seek him more, even with our flawed selves, ask him to Endow you with Power to handle the responsibility of the calling that he has on each of our lives and when you accept his will, desire to be not just Called but ultimately CHOSEN, because you want to see a more Excellent way. then Watch how he will make your thoughts and plans, an AFTERTHOUGHT because his are far more GREATER.
Ephesians 3:20 & Matthew 6:33

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