A few days ago my wife call me and inform it was put on her hart to go and see about a close family friend who is vary ill so on yesterday we followed our harts and moved on what posted in our spirit to go and see about her in california when i met her soul was on a high and my mind TAUGHT  ABOUT how WE LIVE AND OUR LIFESTYLES WHEN THERE A STORM BUT WE RUN FOR COVER but to god be th glory she still thanked god for her life no matter her plite she played the cards god gave her so tonight my soul is woke and my mind is on her a call out the blue places you were god allows work in his name there was a time when people went to see about folks not just in there time of need so here we are so into our self lives we lost site on how to love our brothers and sisters we pass them bye when see clearly there in need of help we turn our backs on them when we think there not on our level god is the season of movement in the church on our jobs in our relationships and on our things and our stuff he wants us to know no matter where you find yourself and what kind of mess your in gods still gonna bless you gods still gonna walk with you he will not pass you buy when he sees your need and god ask the most important question what your need no matter how big or small i will meet that need and then theres one more question do you want to know me then he says let me sup with you let me bestill with you so we can know one another in other words let's roommate together because i want to see how you really live so god tells me this is my call out the blue to let someone know there is a movement so he still asking what direction is your feet headed amen live your day well (rev.Patrick t. Brown)

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