Good Afternoon!

A Kingdom Chat this Afternoon.

When God actually moves in the lives of His children, we go through entirely different from originally planned.

When in the midst of your situation whether past or present -we as a people, tend to bargain, compromise, delete something’s and even yes point the finger.

When in reality (Our world-Not TV). We have to remember that when we pray we are to go before Him with a pure heart, clean mind and no hidden motives-for He looks at your heart.

Most get upset even lose focus because truly they just want to fit in and really those that seem to have it all together (popular all of a sudden) are being looked at through an eagles eye. They are looking for attention from other things and their mind is not focusing on the real thing (Jesus, Himself). Have You forgotten about the greatest gift ever known to man to bring comfort - provide for You when You are lonely?

The Holy Spirit is the greatest Comforter/Source EVER KNOWN to Us. So why is it that we shut down or turn to other things that take Our attention/focus off of what is being - SO BLUNTLY stated: Come and Be with Me and I will give You rest. WOW! Then once You activate the Power in You (The Holy Spirit)-begin to pray and speak to the spirit in Your Holy Tongue. You open up lines of communication that will heal, mend, restore, and revive you like never before.

To help you see where this is going is simple.
1. Disolate -To displace from normal conditions with another.
Situations that you allow to drown you lose focus or even take your mind and make you sick. Things happen to remove you, it, or them.
2. Dislocation - Disruption of an established order.
Things, homes, cars, your surroundings and loved ones that we allow ourselves to get "lost in" that we idolize and place them or it before everything, everyone and everybody. Tend to bring forth turmoil, hurt and displacement of trust. We are broken and hurt and it’s everyone’s fault but our own.
3. Dislocate - To force change.
When broken we tend to be bent out of shape, but God still has a mighty way of using the bent out of shape you to force a mighty change (deliverance).
No matter what shape you are in or whether you are going through the (3) D's - dislocate, dislocation and dislocate. We all must go through the process and be obedient and stand the pressure.

We did it before for those that we "loved, or love.” Why come we cannot do it for God?

I Love You. Have a great and glorious day.

God bless you!

Pastor Georgette Ward
Kingdom Life Church Ministries

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