That which we fail to deal with will destroy us and those around us

Wounds and sins we allow destroy

The wounds of hurt rejection in our lives going right back to childhood if ignored and left will fester and give satan a way into our lives the enemy or devourer is always seeking whom he may devour 1st pet 5 v8 The wounds hurts we fail choose to ignore will destroy

all must be placed at the cross and left there

If we choose to hang onto them and refuse Gods grace we will seek empowerment the wrong way and begin to manipulate other to keep self from being hurt again we have then opened the door for that jezebel witchcraft spirit to enter some years down the track we will be causing splits and division in the church and eventually you will be gone you be without the kingdom

Mth 11 v 12 the kingdom of God is within you and the violent take it by force all revivals in times past happened as men and woman sought God to get right and their lives in order Today we have many weak and sickly in the church because we fail top preach the word and challenge them to Holy living

In revelation Jesus speaks so of those who overcome will be !!!!!! read chapters 2 and 3 in revelation this is the Grace talked of to see us put to death our old lives crucify the flesh and walk in new life by faith we take the kingdom if we have to bring a wound or sin to the alter many times claiming the blood seeking to over come we will do so but once placed under the blood we really must remind ourselves and satan everyday where it has been placed and not allow the enemy to bring in condemnation

If we fantasize re someone else whilst with the wife or husband know this the marriage is over we grow apart and in a year or two it will be over if need be then we seek out a prayer partner who can keep us accountable Israel of old was told continually not to multiply wife’s today the spirit of divorce rules the church in many places because the word is not preached

This is bringing a curse and Gods judgement on the church

How many men or woman of God would bring up such things and preach it so we perish

With the faith movement how many once went out after the lost now their vision is a material one a million $$ sports car or such while the world dies around them wonderful if we can have one I’d like a flash red sports car too but our real purpose in being is to win the lost

idols take us away from not to God

We need to get down with God not in a shallow way but surrender and ask him to show us the roots of our sin wounds rebellion this age of grace will be over shortly and it will be too late then to turn our lives around we must allow the spirit of God to show us the roots and wait on him let his word have its way in our lives and allow him to change us from within

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