Praise The Lord today saints with a mighty shout full of thanksgiving and love for God!!!!!

I want to minister to you today that if some of you are going through a valley experience know that today your heart will be revived in the name of Jesus!! why revived? because sometimes the cares and wares of this world can sometimes cause our heart to fail. You may feel like giving up, saying to yourself " what else could possibly happen"
know today that the Lord is right there in the midst of the chaos and commotion. The time to which we are living in with what we are saying is economic termoil is what I consider to be a blessed time/ and hour in the spirt rhelm because we are apart of seeing a great display of Gods glory being manifest before our eyes just as the Israelites saw with the parting of the red sea.That's how magnificent and glorious this moment in time will be for the people of God and the world to witness.
I'm very excited about this awesome word that the Lord is speaking on the heart, that is touching many lives and bringing us back to a place of relationship with God. The heart is the main organ in the body that keeps every other organ in the body functioning. If the heart fails then the body dies no matter how healthy everything else in the body is. That is the same way that it is with your spirit, if your heart is not in the right position and functioning for God then everything else will not be able to function and bring forth the life to which God wants to operate through you, that is the very thing that the enemy wants to accomplish through Gods anointed vessels so that we will not finish. Today I decree that no attack from satan will detour you but propel you in the name of Jesus!!!

As you know our heart has a voice and it speaks loud and clear to God, lets look at Psalm 27:8 which is another psalm of David to the Lord " when thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my HEART SAID unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek. Wow!! Davids heart said words back to God when the Lord spoke for him to seek his face.I ask the question today, What is your heart saying to God over your troubles, over your ministries, over your destiny, over your family, over your business. lets allow David to remind us today in Psalm 27:14 "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall stengthen thine heart: wait I say on the Lord. also Psalm 28: 6-8 " Blessed be the Lord, because he hath heard the voice of my supplications; MY HEART trusted in him and I AM HELPED: know that when you trust God with your heart he will help you through any and every circumstance. The heart also has a physical manifestation because in the next verse David begins to express his heart with action " Therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him" lets show God with the action of our heart in praise even during a time of unusual events going on around us that we trust him with our whole heart and that we know he will help us. Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Apostle, Prophet, Royal Priest of the Most High God , be encouraged and know that what is in your heart for the saints and for the world God hears it and he will surely help you through. As men and women in the position of leadership be encouraged and know that God will revive the heart and that the Blood of Jesus that pumps through the vains of the Body of Christ and his ambassadors is what keeps us alive and is the greatest act of the heart in love that can never be removed, because it takes the blood to flow through the heart to keep it beating. God will surely bring forth major revival in and through us all over this nation .
As our hearts beat for God and as we continue in seeking his face he will surely cause the body to function to bring forth life in everything we put our hands to just as he did for David... " He is a rewarder to them that diligently seek him"

In Jesus Name We Love!!!

Evangelist Tori Johnson

Be blessed men and women of God and be encouraged as God will show himself strong and mighty!!!

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