Hi my brothers and Sisters, I have waited so long to get on this page, but now it’s on. God has shown me many visions of the end times in dreams. In one dream I heard a thunderous explosion and also witnessed burning rocks of fire, and as far as my eyes can see I saw no living people on the earth. I also seen over 20 years ago the kingdom of Heaven coming down from the sky to the earth. There were huge colorful castles as beautiful as the rainbow.  If my car had wings I would have driven right there. This was not a dream. “I want tell the people of God that Heaven is real”.


"I thank God that there are some people still holding on to Jesus our Savior’s hand. I truly believe if America would stop sending weapons to other countries furthermore stop training others how to kill us we will be a better nation. We constantly train others how to fly and spy to fight for themselves but it always comes back to hurt us because the weapons end up in the terrorist hands. We allow murders to run free while we lock up the harmless addition to targeting a race of people that are only trying to live on this earth as free men and women providing care for their families. Amen We all need Jesus.

We have individuals coming out the closet transforming themselves in which is an abomination in the sight of God, Approved of men but God will never approve it.  This Closet needs to be sealed in concrete.

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