There was man who had a old donkey and one day he decided he didn't need his old friend anymore and he was going to get rid of that old donkey but he could't bring his self to kill his old friend so he decided to bury him alive in old abandon well so one day he walked the old donkey over to well and push him in and started dumping dirt on top of that old donkey and every time he would dump some dirt that old donkey would push it to side and stand on top the old man would dump some dirt and that old donkey would push it to the side and stand on top and this continued for sometime until that old donkey built a large pile to the top of that old abandon well a was able to walk away with his life so my brothers and sisters be like that old donkey never give up someone my be trowing dirt in your your life on this day it might be someone so close to you that you let them continue this act in your life but i tell you god wants you be like that old donkey push that dirt to the side and stand on top and then god says wait until your pile is built to the top so you can walk away with your life and when you make it out look back at that pile god allowed you to build to make your narrow escape amen so the question is what is a narrow escape is it something that god allows in your life wipe the smile off your face and puts you on notice letting you know that it's me pulling the stings but god also let's us know one day you will have to build your pile to the top in 2;Peter ch 2-ver-17-22 its speaks of escape what are you escaping today run don't walk from it hands up live your day well (Rev.Patrick T.BROWN) GOD SAYS IT BETTER FOR NOT TO HAVE KNOWN THE WAYS OF GOD THEN TO GOD AND LIVE IN THE WORLD CHOOSE GOD OVER MAN amen. what are we standing on top of today

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