In the picture depicting the "LAST SUPPER", the focus was not on the actual, tastable, edib,e palatable cuisine or fare for that evening's meal, but it was rather on the "Meal" that we all would one day have to partake of in Christian fellowship, and in remembrance of Him who endured and conquered Calvary's cross, and became the Propitiation of our sins! The actual food on the table was very sparse, a few scraps of bread and cups, that were not likely holding "kool-aid"! Have you ever stopped to wonder what dinner consisted of the night before the King of Kings was betrayed and "sold" for a few quarters, nickles, and dimes? Was it a meal "fit for a king", or was it the "meat" of the King of Kings, which was a huge serving of "His Father's Will?" Men travel back and forth to the "burger joints" with the "too happy" clown with a perpetual "bad hair day" ,spending buckets of money on greasy, cholesterol heavy "happy meals", but bypass the "free Happy Meal" of the broken body, and the Blood of Jesus , the Christ, which has power to reverse and heal hardened arteries, and hardened hearts! As they sat around the supper table, it was apparent that the disciples were more interested in Christ, Himself, and what He had to say, and what they could get from Him, than what was set before them for nourishment. It is worthy of notation that an "invitation' to that final "buffet" with the Lord was pretty expensive as it is when penetrating any "inner sanctum", and it wasn' t held at a fine dining banquet hall, or an elegant restaurant, not at the counry club, a corner bistro, or a European coffee shop. The only ones who were granted access ino that inner chamber that night were those who had actually "walked with Him"! If you know anything at all about salvation and ministry, then you know that a "walk with Christ" comes at great price!" This 'meal" that would play a role in the eternal transformation of the world, God's kingdom, and God's relationship with mankind, was actually held in someone's "attic" or "loft." There's something about one satiating their carnal "appetite" whether through food, or other means that compels ,men to, sometimes, get really "loose", and "dumb"! Rather than giving ear to, and recording in their spirits the depth of what Jesus was revealing to them, and hearing that the Lord was letting them know that this would be the last time they broke bread together, until His ressurection, rather than pray with, or for Him and His family who were about to lose a precious member; a "Son", a "Brother", perhaps, and "Uncle", or a Cousin, they demonstrated the notoriously predictable selfish nature of the "Adam" man, and were more concerned about what they would receive in His "Will", for them, even before he was dead, much like the greedy and trifling family members we've been "blessed" to claim as "kin". As we ponder the layout of that great and transitional "passover" we have to look at all that was spread upon it. Certainly there was the "cup of bitterness" that He had to first drink from, before it was passed around to the others, and it initiated that same "cup of bitterness" we have inherited, if we are going to genuinely follow Christ. On the plates, there was the "bread of affliction" that He had to ingest, and cover them, as they unknowingly, partook of inevitable sufferings, just by living rightously, and proclaiming the Resurrection and Lordship of Jesus, the Christ! Some had to add to their meal the "Bread of Sorrows" because it is with great tribulation that we enter into the kingdom, and the eternal presence of God , while hey were all privileged to symbollically, be first partakers of the "New Wine", and the Testament of His Glory! There was most likely little caraffes of "vinegar" and oil, which Christ would be offered, as He made the only request for something He personally wanted or needed ("I THIRST!"), and was denied, and had to drink from the "cup of "literal" bitterness" as He was drawing His last breath.There were "plates of "offerings" in front of each guest, symbollizing, the greatest, and most supreme "Offereing" in History, as He was about to be offered up for us all, and once and for all! There were most likely, pitchers or urns of water, at the right hand corner of their plates there , as types of the living waters, and the "wellsprings of salvation" that were about to be established for them, and the Baptism by fire, and by the Spirit, that was to come. There were "napkins" for every lap, as "shadows" of those that Christ's body would be covered with, as they laid Him in the tomb.There may have been a few dates, figs, pomagranetes, bananas, and grapes in the center of the spread, representing the "fruit of the Spirit" they would be receiving after He retook His seat of Authority, Kingship, and Lordship, at the right hand of the Father! In the midst of all the discussions, debates, sharing, and squabbling, they overlooked the real "feast, and the greatest "delicacy" and most profound food of substasnce ever known, that being, that they had the "Bread of Heaven, in their midst, and all they had to do was to cry , "BREAD OF HEAVEN FEED ME 'TIL I WANT NO MORE"! There's another table spread now, and it was prepared and "set" after the Lord "led captivity, captive", while making an :open show of the devil", that is wholesome, healing, and restoring. Now, the King's table is laid out, no longer in meagerness and in humble abodes, but it is spread in the very "lap" of the Lord! This is the table that the Lord wants you to invite your "enemies" too, (and you can feed them "by hand" if you're inclined to), so they can see that after all they put you through, and after all you suffered, it is you who is mightily favored, sitting up at the head of the table with the Lord, because He said He would prepare it that way! You'll find a "new" cup, known as the "cup of blessings", and the "New Bread", the "bread of rightousness". Now, you can pour into your "glass" the rivers of life, and sip on the "wine" of obedience. Even as one had o be "selected" by Christ, personally ,to sit at the "Last Supper", this new "blood washed" table which the Lord Himself, has spread is for "MEMBERS ONLY"!

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