A Prayer for Today inspired by My Sister Virginia and for us all

Congratulations to Elder Virginia Booth our sister – God says we should encourage and love one another – After much diligent work she is receiving her Doctorate’s Degree and I will attend this honorable commencement and banquet on May 22, 2009. Praise God!

Our Dear Heavenly Father,
I come this morning first thanking You that You looked over my sister Virginia ,myself , my brothers and sisters in Christ and our families as we slept last night God; that You kept us safe . Father I thank you for your dreams and visions that imported into our spirit as we slumbered and that today they will manifest themselves in directives and good works. I thank you God that we will be a well – spring of living water for someone whose seed needs nurturing , that Your words that flow out of our mouth will cause a seed of knowledge and wisdom and faith to grow and flourish . And from that seed will blossom into a righteous flower that will send forth a pollination of God’s love, kindness, concern and hope for one another that each of us might prosper to our capabilities and possibilities in Jesus Name. I pray that we as a nation create a new Eden full of beautiful and different flowers, foliage and trees; all glorious in Your eye-sight Lord Jesus. That we create a place of peace and harmony absent of negativity, spitefulness, jealousy, conceit, meanness, competiveness, that this garden that we are re-creating through Your Word, and the Holy Spirit’s Guidance will only bring shade and coolness in the heat of battle , refugee for the weary and disheartened. In Jesus Name I pray that this garden’s fragrance will linger in the wind sending forth the sweetness of Jesus’ Love, God’s Favor and the Holy Ghost Power. Father we speak that this day will be a day of understanding, tolerance, and compassion for those still suffering from the ravages of abuse, betrayals and deaths, that by Your Power they are now healed . I submit this prayer thankful for the words of testimony, encouragement, and healing that you give me dear Jesus and I praise Your Holy Name, cleanse me Lord and use me in your service, in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord Savior I submit this prayer and thank you in advance for it being done in the Name of Jesus Christ, my redeemer, Hallelujah, Glory to God. Amen
Sandra Dukes, a.m. –“the word in me is the God in me”

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