The writer of Proverbs 10:22 will give us the calm assurance that those of us in the household of FAITH are not affected, effected nor impacted by the economy of this world. It states: The Blessings of the LORD it maketh rich, and addeth no sorrow with it. We that are not merely church goers but believers in the FAITH know and understand that we are not affected nor impacted by this worlds system of things that happen. I have heard people in the Church as of late as they lay hold of and take claim that we are in a recession, but I dare to differ with them. I am a citizen of the Kingdom of heaven and although I live here I contend that this worlds status do not and will not make me believe I am a part of this so called recession. Here the writer gives us hope and comfort to First seek the Kingdom of God, for he says the Blessing of the LORD, with that how is it we will give in to the worlds way of thinking? This ultimate Blessing gives us several assurances 1. It maketh Rich; in Spirit, in health, in mental capacity, emotionally, as far as family is concerend makes us whole lacking nothing complete. Yes it even brings our finances in order. 2. it addeth no sorrow with it: when you recieve this Blessing you lack want and/or need for nothing. All of your needs will be meet and you will then begin to operate in the OVERFLOW, yes you are then actually the Head not the tail Above only and not beneath, the Lender and not the borrower, Blessed in the City and in the Field when you Come and when you go. So as you meditate on the way things are in your life Remember The Blessings of the LORD, it maketh Rich and addeth no sorrow with it. You are Blessed when the world is going through lack.

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