Blessings to my family.
“A SAVIOR WORTH HAVING” by E. V. Hill, well-known author and Anointed Pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, is a book I have been reading. In this book and He states, “He has not altered, his procedure for even today, the devil believes that if he just threatens the churches, if he just threatens the preachers, if he just threatens the Christians, he can stop the message from reaching the lost”. Today so many trials and tribulations are we facing. People, families, cities, countries and so much more are under attack in this world today. A Savior worth having, is having Jesus and knowing him for yourself. The devil wants us to be quiet and not give a report about who is your savior, my Savior is Named Jesus, The Father and keeper of my soul.

I must confess I have been sick with a cold virus and toothache.
My computer has been under a virus attack as well. My Mother has been sick and was taken to the doctor and then the hospital. The test showed no blockage in her vessels and she was released.

Our Father is a healer, a technician and a miracle worker. I have a Savior worth having and I will tell the story, I will give report about a “SAVIOR WORTH HAVING”….amen

Written/Jan2010/ Evang.Pastor /Felecia Spaulding

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