I want to share a testimony the Lord gave me today. On Sunday, the Lord led me to give my tithes double. I didn't understand, but I said "Yes Lord" and was obedient to that. This morning, less than 7 days later; I was handling some ministry business, and went in an establishment. I had gotten out of my car, clicked the button to lock the doors and shut the door. When I came back to my car some time later; I couldn't find my keys. I looked through the window and there were my keys on the seat.

Well, I said "Lord what should I do now?" I called a couple of people to see if they could help. One was at work, another was too far away to get there anytime soon.

I went back in the business establishment and asked the lady at the desk if she had a wire coat hanger. She said no, and asked if I had locked ,my keys in my car. I said yes. She said, "Well, I can help you." She called a friend who drives for the Pop a Lock company. He came out15 minutes later, and unlocked my car in 2 minutes. I got my checkbook out, fearing the worst. When I asked him how much the charge was, he said, "well, normally it would be $49.95; but for you, it's free!!!!!!! I was rejoicing in my spirit as I thanked him, then I went back in the business and asked the lady how much she was charging. She said "Nothing, we all should help each other sometimes".

This lady didn't know me from a can of paint; but because I was obedient to what God spoke concerning my tithes, He had favor and caused man to give unto my bosom, when I needed it most. Moral of this testimony.....give your tithes.....

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Comment by Barbara Jean Johnson on February 8, 2011 at 4:17pm

Praise The Lord!!!!!

  Thank you for that testamony about the Faithfulness of God.

   And all the promises  of God are yea, and in Him amen..

                   Sister Barbara

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