Hello Ministers of God, how many realize that it is a time of URGENCY like never before! First we need to get our lives in order....then we can snatch souls out of the hands of the enemy!!

The Church might as well brace themselves to see a restoration of God's Power intensify as the Latter Rain is Poured Out! I feel a Suddenly Season on the Way with Abundance of Everything you need, desire, and ask God for.
GOD is calling for his people to Get Ready and Get in Place and POSITION for the SHIFT that is taking place even as we speak…. He is speaking with the Voice of Thunder, as well as the Still Voice of Peace in this last hour. ARE YOU READY FOR WHAT YOUR NEXT ASSIGNMENT IS?

It will not all be all what you expect the bless me and my, but it will be some sorrow as well! We need to learn how to switch from worship to warfare, we will need it in this season! A lot of saints won’t admit it, but the battles are hard because we are all in a spiritual WAR! We have got to get focused and get a balance and get into the word of GOD, it’s an URGENCY!!!!!!

I have an assignment, and we all have some kind of assignment that God has place on our lives. Whether it’s to speak the word of God, live the word of God, walk the word, lay a foundation, preach the word, help someone that has been called to start a ministry, love someone to life, hug someone to make their day, build up someone, bless someone, give to someone, speak encouragement to someone, or whether it is just to pray and speaking healing to someone; or whether God say forgive them when you didn't want to..... If God called you to do it, or spoke to you to do something, now it’s a time of URGENCY to do it!!!! Whatever He has spoken to you to do,, do it quickly! We are all on an assignment, so full-fill your assignment in Jesus name. We are in the final hours.

As we go out on the Battle Ground into the Highway and Hedges to take the Church back for God we must do Spiritual Warfare! The Enemy’s time is Up and he’s mad at the Saints so he is working overtime trying to discourage and cause us to miss out on the Blessings of God. It’s an URGENCY for you to get in POSTION to fulfill the assignment while it’s day!

Too many of the people of God are out of place and have operated in the wrong season and at the wrong time. In order to fight in battle we have to be in the right place at the right time. The timing of God and in God is Everything. Get in the right Position…It is an URGENCY!

Miracles and Blessings to you
Evangelist Betty Taylor-Coutee

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Comment by Betty Taylor-Coutee on July 18, 2009 at 1:31pm
Thanks Donceletta for commenting and sharing with us your encouraging words. If the truth be told we all have been under attack in some way naturally or emotionally and spiritually, but we must shake it off and find stength in Jesus and keep moving forward. We do not need to give in to the enemy and his tactics; and stay in position to be used by God and for Him!

Bless you Woman of God
Evangelist Betty Tayor-Coutee
Comment by Donceletta Bellamy-Mitchell on July 11, 2009 at 7:17pm
Yes women of God that is confirmation for me ,I have realized that this season has been a tough one for all the children of God has been under a extreme attack but the word of God says that Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violents and the violent take it by force.Gods is strategically calling and positioning his people all over the world .We have enter into straight warefare I have never felt it like this ever in my life time .The people of God have to press in.Like you say it is a urgency the enemy is working over time.Women of God thanks for this post confirmation .I have answered the call of God to minister the word through dance and the teaching of his word to reach the lost and to win soulds on to the lord.I just need guidance in starting my internet ministry.

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