Everything that is presently going on in our lives, even what the enemy designed for evil (Gen. 50:20), the Lord knew about from eternity past and has a purpose for it. It is in our best interest both present and eternal to submit to the will of the Lord and ask Him for understanding as to why such and such is happening in our lives. He does not adjust His purposes towards us to offset what is going on about or with us. As he said to the children of Israel while they were in captivity (Jer.29: 11-13) so He is saying to us in our struggles. Difficulties as well as prosperity and success cause people’s feelings, actions and attitudes to change toward us but we have His promise, Lo, I am with you always even to the end of the world. He does not leave us or forsake us in our difficulties or victories. Man is subject to change in his affections or relationship with us but the Lord never changes. Though we hurt Him, grieve and disappoint him He loves us the same.

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