In Jesus’ Great Commission and Command to His disciples He said “Go ye therefore into all the world and make disciples of all nations…..” – St. Matthew 28:19-20. That commission and command is a call to all of us. The question is have you answered that call of world evangelism. The commission of Christ is a call to evangelized Africa and the rest of the world. That call will not be fulfill by someone else but you and I, it is a direct call to ministries, churches, pastors, bishops and in short to all Christians.

Africa is deeply rooted in traditional religion, Islam and other cults as whereas countless sects. Christ is looking at you and I to move forward leaving our comfort zone and going into the deep and forgotten places of Africa to fulfill the commission of Christ, Jesus. Jesus says to you and I “If I be lifted up then will I draw all men to myself” – St. John 12:32.

Sisters, Africa is indeed an exciting mission field. When you visit Africa on a mission trip or volunteer you will experience firsthand the work of mission and fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ as you serve Him by reaching the world through evangelism, crusades, ministerial training and caring for orphans and widows. Many of us have not answered this call nor have the opportunity to do so, but my friends I want you to seek and find the opportunity to obey this call and even fulfill a dream

Some of us may not have the time to go but there are many ways that we can answer the call and preach the word. Here are a few ways that you can serve:

1. Go on a mission trip

2. Take a mission team from your church to Africa (For ministerial training, crusades, seminars, revivals, and church planting)

3. Volunteer with a church or orphanage (plant a new church in a village where there is no church or work with an orphanage as a mentor, coach or teacher)

4. Partner with a church a adopt a church ( A church can be your ministry arm in Africa)

5. Sponsor a pastor and his family (Many pastors in Africa are like volunteers since the church cannot afford to pay them)

6. Sponsor an orphanage financially (giving total care to children is a wonderful opportunity but expensive for many in Africa since they rely on little ventures for support; many kids go to bed without food but are grateful because they have a place to laid their head)

7. Send supply and resources to a church ( Bibles, tracts, children books, children Christian videos and dvds, summer clothing, visual aids)

8. HELP (help built a church, roof a church, send a tent to be use for a church; many churches are unable to do construction projects since they are short on finances)

9. Sponsor a Jesus Film Project (sent a projector to be use for evangelism in villages and places where the gospel is not preach)

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