Have you ever wondered what the True Name of the God of Israel is and what He calls Himself or what the basic fundamentals of the foundational Scriptures are in relation to Salvation and Holy living?

This course involves a careful examination of the ancient fundamentals of the beginning of Christian Belief and how it has evolved into what it is today. The course study spans the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation with topics such as: Who is the One,True and Living God; what is His Name, The History of paganism and Hebrew Idioms.

All topics are on a beginners level of understanding and will enhance the student's Scriptural aptitude of history, Scriptural references and culture at the time of the writings. Course Objectives:

1.To introduce students to the use of electronic Scriptural resources.
2.To introduce students to various forms of study materials.
3.To introduce students to Scriptural Truths.
4.To orient students to the Hebrew mindset in the areas of language and culture.
5.To provide students with opportunities to develop their understanding of the Scripture and by doing so bring clarity to what it really means to be the chosen people of God.

Come and enjoy a historical Scriptural walk through the Life and times of the Patriarchs and our Wonderful Messiah Yahshuah (Jesus).

Take the course at your won pace; the approimate length is 20-28 weeks. Audio sessions come with PDF of the presentation for you to follow along. If you have any question or wish to discuss a topic you are welcomed to contact Rabbi James or Rabbi Aviyah Byers at 336-767-2952 or email us at melohagoyim@yahoo.com


Shalom and Blessings!

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