Ancient History Curriculum in Black Theological Seminaries, Colleges and Universites

There is a growing need for our students to conduct more research on the missing Black presence in the bible; everyone has had an opportunity to interpret the Bible but us and if you know the history, if they included the Black presence, the entire book would be more than 80% our history. Our research is based on 40 years research; a member of our group (Ph.d) has written a curriculum is currently under consideration at a university in the the Grace of the Holy Spirit we can prove that we were here from the very beginning and also at the end (Genesis to Revelations) and we now have details, pictures and even historical video documentaries that we willshare with Church leaders so that they can see for themselves that what we have is true and was givento us by the Holy Spirt for it is time for our people to know this truth in this time.  Amen

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