ASk Your Self this Question: Am I Ready To Be Placed Under A Media Microscope?

Christ's church has to get ready to do battle with the media. One way we will win this battle is by owoning the media and pooling our resources as one body of Christ; the same way slaves band together to protect and provide for each other and other's children.

What do you think will happen when wealth, extreme ownership of almost everything comes to the anointed members of the body of Jesus Christ ?

The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the Rightoeus, the just who walk by faith and not by sight. The media follows and seeks every thing about the wealthy. When you become wealthy, the pavarrazi will be chasing you and me too ! We must begin to lay a foundation int he media long before we need to proove our Christ like character and our history of behaving liek Jesus has commanded us. Even our love must mark a mark, demonstrate the difference in the Christian from the world/wickedness.

If you receive this truth and see the importance and urgent need to get the church ready, please comment and communicate with this ministry so we can come together wih you and further assist you in this area.

Apostle Thiess Christian 215-410-5221

The church has to remove the items in the closet so there is nothing for the enemy to discover and disclose and expose to the public to discredit the body of Christ/God's House! 

Moral and heart purity is required of all of us. We cannot be a hypocritic church. The churhc has to let the pastors' find the repentance and apologise to the members they have hurt, the fellow clergy they have rejected, and gossipped about, slandered , lied about and defamed, not to mention the women they may have deflowered and committed adultry with...

Come on now..Pastor, Bishop...Leaders lead by example ! You can not afford to be the stumbling block and have God have to remove your unrepented self. You do feel me in this Blog Post ! It is going to get naked real fast as God revels the sins of the individual and the collective assembly to be as a virgin devoted to the fiancee Christ as his bride to be Church ! Leaders lead by example! Right?

Let's get the church ready for the transparency comeing to the church in this hour as  Christ Jesus, God is revealing the sin of the Believer and the sinful unsaved.


Make me good at what God uses me to do and be and bring to you....let's admit it and get rid of the sexual imorality , the lying , cheating , stealing , caniving to make money or have physical pleaseures fleeting pleasures for only a moment! It is not worth it, is it?

The media will make a mockery of the church if you do not join me in pruity and purged living. We live before a holy God, a lvoing Father that we enjoy and can not live without !

I need ot minister to you and you need to multiply and grow fruitful again and again just as I do to re-witness Christ and the kingdom of God on the earth! 

Step right up Hurry , hurry for the best thing every on the earth ! Salvation is one part and the first part of three salvation processes. Work out your own slavation with the fear of the Lord and trembling is a commanded instruction , not an option!

We as an Army of the Lord, saved and Sanctified, need to understand how to use the media and make the media work for the Church for the glory of God and  no longer against the works of the ministry. Won't you let me teach you to do that?


Protect the body of Christ with the use of words and what we see and hear in the media ministry

Own the media communications to as many people as you possibly can

Hear Gods voice and another you will not follow while youoperate in the moral and heart pruity towards God and all things

Turn from all sins and repent turning to God and having had a change of heart and mind.

Ask your self and your assemblies this question: Are We Ready to Be Under the Microscope of the Media in Our Generation?

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