LET US be careful of what we say to each other Especially people we say we love!:) The bible says man is able to control everthing but the tongue. Words are powerful!! negative words can kill a person spirit,  self esteem, and motivation. Positive words can build up a persons character and give them the drive and Motivation to succeed. Be more like JESUS AND bE A  gOOD eXAMPLE OF HIS LOVE.  PRAY FOR UR LOVE ONES BECAUSE WE ARE NOT PROMISED THE NEXT SECOND, MINUTE, OR THE hOUR. PLZ dONT HARM PEOPLE WITH WORDS FROM UR MOUTH. TELL UR LOVE ONES  EVERYDAY THAT THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU , YOU LOVE THEM, BELIEVE IN THEM AND U NEED THEM TO SURVIVE!! GOD BLESS

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