Benefits of belonging to a company of preachers...

..and there are diversities of operations but it is the same God that worketh all in all (1 Cor 12:6)

I'm excited to see the variety of ministries on the web, each one passionate about promoting and proclaiming the one thing God has called them to manifest this year, be it a cause, a conference or a congregational gathering.

Each one brings us a different facet of God's passion for his church in the earth.
Each one challenges us in a different area to grow something new.
Each one brings a focus we may not have viewed or considered.
Each one brings us a concern we have overlooked or a cause we have yet to get involved with.

Each one helps us expand our capacity for growth, enlargement and change. That's why I choose to belong to such a company of men and women of yes, 'capacity!' For we are only enlarged when challenged by those who have a revelation of a facet of ministry we have avoided or overlooked and by joining to such folks we extend the borders of our mind, faith and ultimate destiny.

So while we are praying 'Lord expand me', maybe the solution is easy, Join up with someone who knows something you dont, and has faith in an area you are weak, then maybe, you can run in a race others can't, simply because you shifted your perspective and asked God to enlarge your capacity for more.

Thank you ABC for making a place for me.

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