Blessed are those who mourn – Matt. 5:4

We should be dressed in black and following a casket. Who has died? Well, the spirit of innocence and the spirit of truth are dead. They died in the Garden of Eden. Each day that goes by we lose more and more and
something or someone else dies. Mothers are killing their children and the law says it’s
ok. I am in mourning. Prayer is taken out of the schools. When prayer left a
dark spirit entered in. Prayer showed that God is alive and we communicate
with, believe in, and rely upon God. Now prayer is gone. I am in mourning.
Violence and illicit sex permeate the world and rule the air waves. I am in
mourning. Nation rises against nation and we have the capability of wiping out
whole segments of people. I am in mourning. The only one who can comfort me is
Christ Jesus/Yeshua. I don’t know how people live without Him. What do you
mourn for?

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