“Bound by Incomplete Teachings”


I can only hope that the Holy Spirit will help anyone who reads this to understand and be set free. I am in my 15th year as a
Christian, but only the last 8 years have I been desirous to be real and to
search out the TRUTH of God’s Word. I
would sit and patiently listen to the preaching teachings of the men or women
of God, which God placed over me, while looking at my watch, wondering how much
longer. Suddenly, as God is so good at
doing, I got fed up with hearing the I thinks’ or I believe, this is what God
is saying, half truth teachings from behind the pulpit. This was the first portion of the calling on
my life, God creating in me a hunger to know His TRUTH and start to walk in
it. In this God ordained establishment
of hunger for His TRUTH, He also stirred in me the desire to know Him more and
more. Then came the desire and hunger
for the sisterhood of understanding and wisdom, and freedom came with a
vengeance and greater hunger to not only know the TRUTH and the character and
nature of God, but to know and shed the very love of God. Piece by piece, God chipped away at the
hardened shell of the person I had become, because I never knew true,
fulfilling love. This message is not
about quoting scripture, but it is about sharing the sisterhood of wisdom and
understanding, hopefully by reminding you of what you already know from God’s
perfect TRUTH.

I have had the pleasure of sitting under and even working with some great men and women of God, whose names I will not share at this time. This message has to
do with you and God Himself and not any man, it is when you put man before God,
trouble comes. I was taught by word of
mouth and even God’s Word to honor the man or woman of God and submit to them,
this is a felonious teaching, yet still true.
This is also the main reason for studying God’s Word, not from the
English, the Latin, the German or even the Greek, but from the original context
and language; the Hebrew. If you
remember as a child playing the game, rumors, you will understand what I say
here is true. In the game rumors, you
would say something specific in the ear of the person next to you and they to
the person next to them and so on down the line till you got to the last
person. This last person, would then say
out loud, what was spoken to them, how much different was what they said than
what you said to begin with. This is the
same way with the various translations of the Bible, bringing about a loss of
the original message, in content, whole meaning and truth.

Well meaning, honest hearted, desirous to teach the truth of God’s Word, men and women of God, have inadvertently changed the message and the meaning of God’s TRUTH.
Add technology and a lazy attitude to the mix and the truth has become
diluted and the habitation of God is but a visitation. Most of the time locking the doors on the
Lord, so He not only cannot enter, but is not welcome in

Getting back to the root of this message; in my wanton desire to hold the man or woman of God in honor, I have wrongfully and mistakenly, put them above God, never ever meaning to. Though I study and dig deep in God’s Word, I still fell prey to the time
constrained teachings of the speaker.
Due to the time constraints and people looking at their watches, wanting
to race home because they think they have something more important to do than
to be in the presence of God, satan’s favorite game is played at each
service. This game is the game of half
truths, and half truths are what brought division into this world, between man
and God, creating the fall. These half
truths are the very poison that brings a man or woman into bondage to the law
of God, without the fullness of truth that gives grace to the believer.

I, a Pastor, a studier of the word from the original language, have fallen prey to these half truth teachings. I am but one of the Pastors at our church, I have learned, if my Pastor can fall prey to teaching in this time constrained
manner, we’re all susceptible, and if I can fall prey to the chains of half
truths, so can anyone of you!

Have you ever wondered where is the God of Elijah? The God of power and might, the God of great and mighty things, the God of signs and wonders to follow, where is this mighty God? He goes where He is wanted, where man has no
agenda of his own, just a straight up God agenda, desirous hunger for the whole
of God. Now this question abides; what’s
in your heart and how bad, how desperately do you want, the one and only
awesome God, creator of the universe and everything in it, designer of you and
all your intricacies? Do you want Him
bad enough to say out loud in the midst of your congregation, I want all of God
and if you don’t, kindly move out of my way, so I can get closer! When you put God above all others, above
anything and everything else, He will make a way for your need whatever it is,
even to bring mighty, loving, council into your life. Remember, it is God, that’s put the true
desire in your heart and he is faithful to give you the desires of you heart.

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