A "breach" by definition, is a"gap", "break", :violation", or "interruption, and scripturally it symbolizes unfulfilled or promises, which ultimately end in broken relatioinships, and spiritual decay, because wherever there's a "gap" or an opening, no matter the size, undesirable things can enter in, and blessings can be siphoned out. When one recieves an injection for tuberculosis, the entry site is not detectable with the natural eye, but that which was introduced through such a minuscule hole, binds the violation of a formidable and debilitating disease. It would be difficult to find someone who hasn't made an emotion ,or desperation driven "vow" or promise to God, even the heathen, and the unregenerated, instinctively call upon the Elohim, when they're dodging live ammunition from a 9mm, and many a drug addct, in the midst of a nightmare of a bad "high", while their heart's about to explode inside of their chest, make a "vow" to God, that if He allows them to live and ride the nightmare out, they will go to church every Sunday, stop "tweaking", and serve the Lord!". The Lord has so many volumes of, "JAIL HOUSE, "IF YOU GET ME OUT OF HERE" promises, that He could rebuild the walls of Jericho with them! There's something intensely mystical about the creature called "man", that will allow him to willfully reject,refuse to submit to, and serve God, but he has God on "speed dial" when he's being pursued by the hounds of hell. Down the road, real trouble begins to find it's way to these "vow makers" and "promise breakers", and they've long forgotten the day they "cut a deal" with the Lord when they were looking at "30 to life", or execution. not realizing that they will, without a doubt need God again, before God will ever need him! Because God's inevitable judgement doesn't always come swiftly, because He still desires that none should perish, and that all should come unto repentance", we become comfortable, complacent, and arrogant in our relationship with the Lord, or the lack of. One of the most absolute weakest areas of this present day Body of Christ is "INTEGRITY", and a man/woman's word means nothing. Truth be told, there's more "honor amongst thieves" than integrity found in our Churches and amongst the people of God. The "streets" have strict codes oif "ethics", even in their lawless,criminal element, and one's "word" had better be bond, because the laws ,of the "streets" demand swift and violent judgement for the "vow breaker, and the promise violator!

Perhaps the reason that the people of God are so wrecklessly, and indiscriminately not following through, or honoring their obligatory vows, is because there are, now so many demands made on their finances for this, that, or this and that, and they feel like they're put on the spot if they dont "pledge" or make a vow. Being "noble" and having a desire to help, to be a partaker in the vision, and to be financially supportive, or even with the pledging of one's time, or gifts,,but the Bible says 'IT'S BETTER TO NOT MAKE A VOW, THAN TO MAKE ONE AND NOT KEEP IT.! The Lord has blessed us with wisdom, and a reasoning mind, so that we can determine when, what, and how we should do anything.Sometimes, the trouble we find in our lives that can't be traced to any apparent source, just may be connected to a broken vow or two, Even unpaid bills are broken vows, and because the Lord so understands our base nature, and so loves us, He made provision for those breached vows through the year of "jubilee", which has now manifest as "bankruptcy"! Most vows are made in the heat of the moment, when the individual has their eyes, heart, or mind set on something with such great determination, that they're prepared to say and promise anything to achieve their goal. Men do it to the ladies all day everyday, and yes, brothers, there are scandalous women who run just as much "game".! There are penalties to breaching contracts and "vows" in the world's system, and in the kingdom of God as well. The Lord is determined that his post-flood believers be people of kingdom morality and ethics, through accountability, and responsibility, and that their :yeas" and nays" be sanctified and dipped in his blood. There are "penalties" when marital vows are breached, and they often filter doiwn to generations not even born yet."When thou shalt vow a vow unto the Lord thy God, thou shalt not be slack to pay it;for the Lord thy God will surely require it of you (hold you accountable)AND IT WOULD BE "SIN" FOR THEE"! ...That which is gone out of thy lips, thou shalt keep and perform; even a farewell offering, as thou hast vowed unto the Lord thy God, which thou hast promised with thy mouth". It is a fearful thing to have to stand before God, being called out on a promise you didn;t pray about, didnt even attempt to keep, and may not have ever intended to keep. A "vow" must be uttered, or spoken, and they're usually witnessed for the sake of validation and accountability, and once they're made, they are :BINDING"! Some of us are "bound" by the invisible shackles of unpaid and unfulfilled vows,and will never see the full manifestation of God's choice blessings until it is recognized,and repented for. "When thou vowest a vow unto the Lord, defer not to pay it; for He hath no pleasure in "fools";PAY THAT WHICH THOU HAST VOWED!" "Better is it that thou makest not a vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay"! "SUFFER NOT THY MOUTH TO CAUSE THY FLESH TO SIN.'

The Bible admonishes us to "Be not hasty to utter anything before the Lord!",and history has proven the sorrow that not heeding this command can bring. "And Jephthah made a "vow" unto the Lord and said . "If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into my hands". Since the Lord is the God of the utmost integrity, He honored his portion of the "vow"/contract, and Jephthah demonstrated just as good integrity, but at a phenomenal and highly unexpected cost. "Then shall it be that whatsoever cometh forth of the doors to my house to meet me , when I return in peace from the children of Ammon,shall surely be the Lord's , and I will offer it up for a burnt offering"! What an awesomely commendable promise, in theory, this man offered unto the Lord, but he should've fasted, prayed, and sought wise counsel, and maybe someone would've reminded him that his only daughter and his only child lived on the other side of those very doors, and perhaps, they would've pointed out, that she wasn't "his" to offer up,because she already belonged to the Lord. God is not impressed with anything we can ,presumptously offer Him, because He is already Owner, and Possessor of the cattle on a thousand hills, and all the silver and gold, but He is, has been,and always will be moved by sincerity, honesty and obedience. He doesn't "require" a vow, He said that even if a day came that found Him hungry,He wouldn't tell you, because you have nothing that He desires, except His praise, reverence and adoration. A vow must be of one's own free will, in order to qualify as a vow, and receive the "grace" blessings attached to such a sacrifice.. Anything given under constraint, threat, or duress is a "taxation", and obligation. If you've been in an extended season of oppression,,held up and delayed blessings, persistent attack, and all manner of assaults, you may be surprised to find that there's an unfulfilled vow floating around out there with your name on it.He has made provision for our impetous and impulsive behaviour, and He says that if we would but confess our faults, He is faithful and just, to not only forgive us, but cleanse us from all unrightousness! Thank God for paragraphs!)

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Comment by Pastor,E.Ray Hardy on September 2, 2009 at 12:16pm
WHAT a word sister.its time to give him due over due from some pass due real praise glory to his name.Amen!

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