Alpha Broadcasting Inc.

Building the kingdom of God one soul at a time.

Dear Pastor and Congregation:
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Truthfully the Gospel is being preached within our houses of worship. Even though the doors are opening more, due to busy schedules and other activities, many worshippers within your own community may not be able to attend church.

We at Alpha Broadcasting Inc. would like to help you expand your ministry by asking you to be an active part of our Internet Radio ministry.

The Lord has blessed me to spread the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel to the world, with this Internet radio ministry. We need the help and support of the churches. By you supporting this ministry, you and your congregation will be planting a seed of love and faith in the growth of this and your ministry!

The word of God states to stir up the gift God has placed in us, this being one of the many avenues to proclaim the Gospel to a dying world. Enclosed you will find an outline of our proposal written for church participation and the amount of donations for services rendered.

Yours in Christ,

Elder Dexter Washington
Alpha Broadcasting Inc.

Welcome to Streaming Internet Audio/Video Your Church!

Broadband is here and it's raising the stakes for online church communications. Today, church audiences are looking for online video and online streaming audio. Both consist of high quality; easy-to-watch; easy-to-share; and easy to listen tools. Because it's the most desirable way to consume, timely and relevant church information. The time is now to join the new wave in internet church communications. No matter if it's a one time event, church radio, recorded media or a weekly live internet service; we can fill all your needs.

Fortunately, you can meet that demand quickly with our audio website hosting solutions. You can send your sermons/message live, or pre-recorded in audio/video from your church to our server to the world. We have broadcasters that have 5,000+ people listening to there message each month. Don't let your church be left out of the newest and fastest growing forum of sending your message to the masses.

Alpha Broadcasting Inc Church web casting services ensure that on-demand and live web- casts such as sermons, teaching seminars, Sunday school classes, and special teaching messages, get delivered with the highest quality audio/video to your entire church audience and the world on demand.

If you need help getting started, we have full time 24/7 audio technicians to walk you through setting up your broadcast every step of the way. We can supply everything you need to get started in less time than you think.

We can be contacted at 803-586-0563 or 678-372-4533 to speak with one of our helpful sales staff today.

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