Brother Earl asked the question if we had only one more day here

Thank you Brother Earl for this relevant question.

Not one of us knows the day, the hour or the minute that we will take our last breath. Unless Jesus returns, we will surely die. So if we had one day left what would we do?

My God, My God, I would pray, I would call my family and friends, tell them I love them, pray with them and give them the only advice I could give. That is to love Jesus, obey Jesus, and endure to the end of the their last breath with Jesus Christ.

Then I would spend time praying for them, talking to God, praising him. I would feel scared at times, but I would call on his Name. I would wonder what is dying like and call on his name. I would search my mind and see if I have not forgiven someone or need to call someone and let them know I am at peace with them.

I think my last day as long as I am in my right mind, would be a day of atonement. I would ask God to forgive me for wasting so much time on nonsense, I would cry and laugh.

Actually a friend of mine died in September from breast cancer. When I saw her and visited with her, she was at peace. She said she was ready to go. She said she had made peace with everyone in the family. Her job here was done, she was in pain and yet she uplifted me in Jesus name.

So for me this question helped me to realize that I must press in to do the things of God right now. Not tomorrow, next week or next month. It is time for us to seek God now, stay in His word and do all the things we would do on our last day Now. Thank you Brother Earl for the question.

I praise God for another day and that everyone on this site, in the body of Christ and our families would not waste another day. Help us now to seek you Jesus, help our families and friends to seed your face Jesus. Forgive us for holding grudges and help us to forgive those that have hurt us. Help us God to make peace with every person in our lives in Jesus name. Help us to use our time for building the kingdom of God in Jesus name. Teach us to be about our Father's business in Jesus name. We praise you, magnify and love you Jesus. We give you all praise glory and honor.

Love you

Sister Mosebay

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Comment by Minister Bonnie Howell on April 17, 2010 at 4:29pm
Praise the wonderful name of Jesus. If I had just one day left on this earth I would like to leave an everlasting impression on people to say,"She (I) went out Praising the name of Jesus!! upon examining my self and telling God if there be any wicked way in me to cleanse me and make me whole. I want to be busy going about my Father's business. you know the word says to let every man examine himself. Praise God!! I want my heart to be pure. I want my hands to be clean. The word of God says Who shall abide in the Tabernacle? People our hands and heart must be Clean. Only God can do it. Help me Lord Jesus. I want to be found Holy when He comes. The word of God tells us that He that is Holy let him be HOLY still. I wants to be READY when He comes. Our house must be in ORDER. Praise the Lord!! I want to be sure that everyting in my life is covered by His Precious BLOOD!! In my closing, BECAUSE HE LIVES I CAN FACE TOMORROW.

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