Prayer is a force. It up to you how to apply it. You can use it as defence tool or as an attacking tool but the best use I have come to experience is as a hedging tool. Yes using prayers to fortify the hedge God has blessed me with. Meaning that you don't only pray to drive away thing you don't want but to keep away those things.

The bible does show that you are hedged in by God. He has surrounded you by fire. You see Job strengthening that hedge through daily prayer. his prayer was repentance prayers that he made for himself and his family. This worked very well for him. It had to take god giving Satan permission before he could be attacked.

Thus Job didn't have to pray to fight demons, he did have to pray to destroy the works of the enemy, he did have to pray with the devil in mind. his focus was only on God's ability to protect him an provide for him. His end of the bargain is live righteously and prayerfully.

The lesson hear for you is that you don't have to be fighting the devil all the time. You can simply keep him at bay and focus on worshipping God all the time. How do you charge your atmosphere with prayer? Use Job's approach and more. Remember that Jobs authority was limited in that Jesus has not died and resurrected yet. If with that limited power he could keep the adversary at bay how much more you who has been blessed with every spiritual blessing and authority.

An atmosphere charging prayer can be like this;
Father I thank you that your mercies for me are new every morning; I plead your mercies over my life, over my family, over my business, over my ministry, over children, over my education. I thank you that you have given me the power to live in godliness. I apply that grace over my life, over my family, business, ministry and all around me. I thank you that you have given me the power to destroy all the works of the enemy. I apply that grace now and reclaim any grounds that the enemy had taken from me,, my family, my business, my ministry and all. I thank you that you have promised me that "nothing shall be any means harm me". I claim that promise today for myself, my family, my business, my ministry and all. I thank you that you have promised that joy comes in the morning. I claim that promise for my day and declare that my day shall be full of joy, I claim also for my family, my business, my ministry and all.

I believe you have got the point I am making. by applying the promises of God over your life you are simply charging up your atmosphere. angels responsible for implementing every promise of God are dispatched your way and they stay with you until your day is fulfilled. Angels are fire beings and as they surround demons will see you as been hedged by fire!

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