we have doing ministry a great tribes people these people specilly liveing the forest areas.when we visited them see them deffrent dress on their body that is very special makeing the gloss
and some stones also animal bones bagles specil wonems are very beautiful by their derss ...look like beautiful women...we are starting the sunday servicess with them every sunday at 7 pm
tribe kids
at the time morethen 150 people atteinding first starts some songs thier language its called LAMBADI ..TANDA OR BANJARA ITS ALL tribe names ...they dont send their children to school ..sending them on market makeing money
and sending them to labour work also street paper collecting to earning money to feed ....
see here these they look like beautifull ...we wondered 70 kids attended at the time ..they only from one street more then 200 huts we dont see the buildings there ...
that place from city 70 km we distance .we ribe our bikes thank God for these peole....
weekly once we are going to visit them and conducting the service them ...more ministry love to visit city or main placess but not body dont allow these tife of peole so God gave us bourdon to preach the word of GOD"
all visitors please pray for these people ..we joined 3 children in our orphanage home ..."we believe INDIA WILL BE SAVED" Bless ya mates

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