Don't you get amazed at how God shows His love towards us? HE has loved man so much to preserve us even when we did not love Him. How can God be so upset to destroy man in the days of Noah only to pledge that He will never attempt such a thing again a few months later. God says He doesn't change His mind but when it comes to His love for us He seems to struggle not to love.

It amazes me how God can dish out a certificate of divorce to Israel because they have committed adultery with other Gods and at the same time He is showering blessings and promises on them.

This is how I see it really. A man divorces his wife after he has done all to keep her but she wont stay committed. He issues her a certificate of divorce. On her way out sobbing and sorrowful she turns the back of the certificate and there are even more glorious blessings than what she is leaving behind. Promises of Him coming to look for her after a while. Promises of building a better place for to live when he comes back for her. Promises of protecting and fighting away all those who allure her into waywardness.

I read Jeremiah and I see how God is so upset that He even tells Jeremiah to stop praying for Israel because He doesn't want to know. And yet we get to chapter 29 and He gives Israel the most comforting promise any could ever give to a devastated person - "I will come and look for you and fulfill all my promises unto you..." "and who you seek me you will find me". I don't get it. It really confuses me. No wonder Jonah did not want to go because He knew that God is biased towards showing love and mercy.

Fellows, have it settled in your heart that God simply can't stop loving you and if you will make your way to His throne room of grace He will not turn His back on you. Remember what big brother Paul said - "What can separate us from God's love". Jesus also says "For God So Loved the world"

This contradictory love is there for us to enjoy but guess what its even better when we enjoy it with commitment never to disappointment our object of love - God Almighty - whose covenant name is - YHWH!

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