Covenant Theology - You will receive the Abundant Blessings of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Another day, An Other day to step up to Glorify God!!
Let me put out something Covenant Theology - God created man in His own image and His likeness. God brought all the creature that He made to Adam, and told Adam to name it, he named it, including Eve, Adam named woman because she is taken out of man. God gave clear instruction to Adam not to eat the forbidden fruit. Basically Adam did not pick up the fruit, he was fully aware that he should not pick it up. Eve took the fruit and gave some to Adam and he ate it. When God asked Adam why you ate the fruit, he said, the woman you gave me, made me to eat. But God is blaming Adam because he did not listen to God's voice and he listened to his wife's voice and disobeyed God's command - Genesis 3:8-12. God told Adam because of you the earth is cursed. God cursed two things, He cursed the ground and the serpent. God did not curse Adam, He wanted Adam to be a responsible person. No excuse! We need to take up the responsibility. God loves us, He sent His son and through Jesus, God removed all the curse. You will live for ever, He is ready to give you the eternal life. Just believe, that's it. Take up the responsibility of telling others, everyone you see, meet, talk about the Plan of Salvation, it's so wonderful, you will receive Abundant blessings, I keep praying that everyone read this message will receive the abundant blessings of God. Amen.
Joseph Jayakumar

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