I have created a cheat sheet "CHART" of Statue of Limitation for all 50 states. Email me at advocate102@hotmail.com if you would like to review the chart and tips on paying back DEBT. This chart is especially for credit cards and open ended accounts. Title email CHART.

If you would like to take advantage of our holiday rates on credit coaching, call 321-287-0986. Also, join our Credit Empowerment for Woman Movement.

Kox is giving back starting 12-10-10. Every month in 2011, we will be assisting woman with free services to help them rebuild their credit and start the pathway to becoming DEBT FREE. Call us to find out if you would like to be one of our 10 ladies selected MONTHLY to get FREE CREDIT COACHING and FREE CREDIT SERVICES.

Be blessed and start the pathway to becoming financially free.

The Hardest Working Woman in Credit
Fan Page-www.creditadviseforyou.ning.com
Be sure to get more information about credit traps and Read the book Innocent Victims.

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