From Azusa Street to America
An account of how the Center for SpiritualRenewal journeyed from leading the Azusa Street Centennial to facilitating the Awakening America Alliance

In 2006 over 50,000 people from 106 nations converged in Los Angeles, California for a mighty week of worship, learning, ministry and miracles during the 100 year anniversary celebration of the Azusa Street Revival. Even now we continue to hear reports from around the globe of lives that were touched and ministries that were empowered during the Centennial. In the months following Los Angeles, we witnessed several follow-up events around the world including Azusa Indonesia, Azusa Ghana, Azusa Europe and Azusa East in North Carolina. Each meeting was unique and brought together empowered believers in celebration of the Spirit’s advancement across the earth.

We anticipated that these celebrations and this emphasis would continue globally over the next few years. However, on the road to celebration the Lord surprised us by turning our attention in a direction we did not expect. During the fall and winter of 2006-2007 we were strongly drawn back toward America where the Azusa Fire began. Through numerous prophetic and unusual happenings we realized that the Lord was directing us to steward our ministry efforts toward a fresh revival and new spiritual awakening in the United States. The Holy Spirit pressed upon us the fact that the United States is presently in a season of deep spiritual crisis and only a strong, united response from the American church will make an impact.

After several months of prayer, fasting and consultation a new united force began to form called the Awakening America Alliance. The Alliance launched January 1, 2008 with the simple, but profound goals of awakening the American church to our present condition and uniting the body of Christ together to pursue a new Christ Awakening in our generation. Presently, over 150 significant ministries have allied together in this effort. Fasting, prayer and strategic planning have all taken place in the first few months of the Alliance. We are now poised to press the fight toward seeing a cultural shift and wave of spiritual awakening across the nation.

As we move toward impacting our World and calling for a new Awakening the level of spiritual warfare continues to escalate dramatically. We face the days before us soberly realizing that the present wave or political energy coupled with the state of today’s church means our work is cut out for us. A new Awakening will not come easily. Yet, we are also convinced that there is a holy remnant whose heart cries continue rising before God’s throne daily for the Holy Spirit to move deeply in our day.

The Azusa Street revival was born in deep spiritual hunger and radical Holy Spirit response. As initial Azusa historian, Frank Bartleman noted, “the height of any revival is in direct proportion to the depth of repentance experienced in the revival.” This will also be true now. America and the world needs more than a refreshing, more than a momentary spiritual high, we need a deep working of the Holy Spirit birthed in repentance, contrition and humility. Our prayer is that believers across the World will join us in responding to this transformational call of the Spirit in our day. The battle for World’s soul and the heart of a new generation must be won. Thank you for joining this fight and participating in our journey from Azusa Street to World.

Billy Wilson

Executive Director

Center for Spiritual Renewal

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