Healing is the children's bread! (Matt 15:26)And He answered and said, "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs." NIV

1. I confess all the sins of my forefathers that I know about (known patterns of sickness or evil behaviors in your family line).
2. Ask the Lord to forgive those you do not know about ~ the Holy Spirit knows all things & may reveal specific sins or iniquities for you to denounce.
3. Instead of iniquities of the past generations ~ began to declare the reverse ~ equities for the future generations to be activated in your life!
4. Ask the Lord to separate you completely from all sins of your forefathers by the precious power-full blood of JESUS.
5. Humbly ask the Lord to remove the curse if it is from Him. Ask God to help you to see the deceptions of the enemy that has creeped in unknowingly and caused you to walk disobediently unaware that a curse was placed on you and your family lineage. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything in your home that may have been brought in that displeases or offends the Lord.
6. Command the specific curse by name to be broken ~ this is your position as King to take authority and dominion as God has given it to you ~ apply the Name of Jesus (ABOVE ALL POWER) and the blood of JESUS (conquering weapon of power). Expect the curse to break at the moment you speak it! God's POWER is absolute when you use it ~ the devils believe and obey!
7. Command all demons associated with the curse, sickness, blindness, oppression, assaulting behavior to be arrested and leave your territory at once! Put the Name of Jesus against their works ~ COMMAND WITH AUTHORITY.
8. Ask our Faithful Lord to heal the damage done and give Him complete praise and worship for His goodness and love towards you and your family.

You are assigned the VICTORY!!!

Vanessa Anne Gray
Kingdom Ambassador

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