Hi everyone, so much has been going on with me since the last time I posted, after 13 years of searching for my daughter sisters we have found them, my daughter was very determined she's 13 years old and her sister is 19 and 16,they was taken from there mom at a very young age because they was abused, there dad couldn't get him because of his records, and when he went to prison they took his rights away from him. Isn't that something? anyway they are back in our lives, and my daughter/son is loving it,she is even ready to move in with us, the problem her dad think that she isn't moving to fast but I do, we just found them in november and here it is december and shes ready to move in.So I am just praying and seeking GOD bout that cuz her dad is facing some serious time, and its all crazy right now.

Enough about that, I have a question, on yesterday I was called a "Dead Evangelist" the problem? I am NOT an evengelist, it was just one of my callings,but I was told that I needed to start praising GOD more, I wave my hand and sing a long with the praise team,but I am not radical like that, eventhough I can be. But as we all know every service doesn't make you feel the same way.But i have started doing things an evengelist does, I have an outreach ministry I give away clothes to people, all this stuff is new to me, and I don't want to move to fast, I am just allwoing GOD to direct me, I have many, many, spiritual gifts, but afraid to use them, could someone help a sista out please!!!

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Comment by Pastor Darlene Pittman on December 23, 2009 at 12:47pm
Praise the Lord my sister, I am a full time evangelist. I do alot of outreach in the community. My ministry name is D.P. OUTREACH MINISTRIES. I would just like to say, listen to the voice of God. He will lead you and guide you as to what to do with what he has equip you for. Do not be afraid, fear does not come from the Lord, if comes from the emeny. Remeber he did not give you the spirit of fear, but of sound mind, just go out there and used all your gifts that the Lord has put into you, be bless.

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