Defeating Demons and Evil Spirits assigned to work against you in the Spirit Is God's Way!

Defeating Demons and Evil Spirits assigned to work against you in the Spirit Is God's Way!
We are anointed and equipped to assist you in that area of your walk with God. The same Love of Jesus that brought you Salvation is available to bring you
complete Deliverance and Healing, which brings you complete restoration to God Our Father.

We know that Jesus desires to reach out and touch you with "His" love.

We know that Jesus desires to give you all that "God Our Father" has promised
you through His Word the Holy Bible.
Jesus wants to do all of this for you because; God Loves you and we want to Minister that Love through you at:
Deliverance Healing Place,
Home of Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry,
Spirit Go School,
The Tread Line.
At the Deliverance Healing Place, we uncover the Hidden Works of Darkness and Destroying them. We Rebuke the Devourer, Cast Out the Destroyers. People are become able to receive the blessings of God.
The people of God are going up higher and are appropriating more of the fullness of God through "Him" by "Him" and
"In Him."

At Deliverance Healing Place, we are a Teaching and Missions Ministry. Over 25 years, teaching and bringing about restoration to God for the people of God,empowering and elevating the Men,Women and Children of God.

The Deliverance Healing Place a place where the Glory of God is resting with
Your Deliverance Healing Miracle.
The Deliverance Healing Place the place for your healing where the power of God will come upon you and the Holy Spirit will reveal the healing needs of your Soul and Body. You will receive prayer answers and showers of Blessings.

The Deliverance Healing Place where we teach on almost every area of Spiritual Freedom through Deliverance Healing:

Spirit Healing Deliverance,

Soul Healing Deliverance

Body Healing Deliverance
"The Discerning Gift is one of our Special Gifting's"
Generational Deliverance Healing
Occult Deliverance Healing

Spiritual Witchcraft Deliverance Healing

Demonic Deliverance Healing from:

Demon Targeting and Projection

Pastoral Deliverance Healing

Counseling Deliverance Healing

One on One Deliverance Healing

Mass Deliverance Healing
Deliverance Healing through the Word of God
Inner-healing Deliverance
All of our teaching is Biblically based and Scripturally sound Biblical Prayer
We are an Intecessory Prayer Miracle Ministry, we minister to God and God Ministers back through Jesus and the finished work of the Cross, by "His Holy Spirit." God Ministers back to you with the result being that you are refreshed, restored, renewed, revived and empowered.
When Deliverance Healing is ministered, Jesus is Glorified because God's people are transformed into "His Image and Likeness."
You are Changed, Your Life is Changed, Your surrounding are Changed!
Your eyesight is Changed, Your hearing is Changed, Everything about you is Changed.
Deliverance Healing Place
"where it is all about you and your Deliverance Healing!"
Call: 1-877-230-1110 for more information and be sure to

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