Hi beloved of God iam glad to come your way again. Last time we started talking on the above subject and I promise bringing the part 2 of it. If you have not read the part, please do yourself good to go through the first part in order to gain a better understanding to this subject.

Today, I want us to look at the 5 major situations foundational distortion forces causes in people’s lives whenever they are there.

So what are they?
1.Whenever foundational distortion forces are in your life, there will be DISORIENTATION. These forces cause your life to be disorientated. They cause your plans to be disorientated.

2. Whenever foundational distortion forces are in your life, they bring DISCOLOURATION. This means bringing a fading into your life. They take away the original colour or beauty of your life.

3. Whenever foundational distortion forces are in your life, they bring DESTABILIZATION.
4. Whenever foundational distortion forces are in your life, they bring a DISLOCATION. This means that they are always making you not to be at where you ought to be. They make you not to enjoy what you ought to enjoy.
5. Whenever foundational distortion forces are in your life, they bring a DEMOTION. 
These forces cause you never to rise to where you ought to be in life. Many people are suffering from these foundational problems and have become totally helpless, but I trust God that you will be delivered today, in the name of Jesus. It is foundational distortions that make people at times almost hopeless in life.
My brother and sister, you cannot tell me that you have not been affected by these forces in way or the other.
Everyone on the under the sun has this battle to fight. The earlier you start to fight them now the better for you. There are always a way out of every challenge the enemy brings our ways. The Bible says that the Lord frustrates the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise (Job 5: 12).
Therefore, standing on this unfailing word of Almighty, I command every schemes of the enemies, particularly the foundational distortion forces to be abolished completely, in the name of Jesus.
Beloved, if you have not genuinely given your whole life to Christ this is the accepted time to do it now before is too late. If you were already saved but have been living according to the scriptural standards, this is the time to straighten your life so that the enemy will not have any entering points into your life any longer.
Well, till next time I come your way again, stay blessed in Jesus name. you can feel free to contact me and my team and will glad be of help to you in any area at all you may need it.


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