One of the most familiar excuses for an individual failking to produce, overcome, or even participate inj their won battle and triumph is "I don't have', "I didn't have', or "I don't have". Even as little children it begins with the absence from school or attending class, because "I didn't have the "right clothes or shoes, and it progresses into the neglecting of attending church because, I don't have the "right" clothes"! That particulat "kite" wson't fly, because these samekids will not hesitate To go down to their ''dawg's or their "girl's" spot to borrow something "fly", or "hot" to wear to the "game", a party, or to the club! Now. it has become, "I didn't go to church because I had no money", which is an alarming testimony of the times. The way many worship centers are run, and the great emphasis they put on "sowing", and sowiing some more, "giving til' it huurts", ( but "hurts who is never answered"),and the way they humiliate and bruise those who're not in a position to accomodate their requests, and even "demands" for "mo' money", makes this somewhat understandable, but still not an acceptable reason to forsake the assembling together with other believers. Even Moses,who went down in the "Gospel Hall of Fame" as a "heavy hitter", regarding his unparallelled accomplishments in leading an entire nation out of bondage, and into a land "flowig with milk and honey", challenged God with what he "didn't have", when he answered Gd's charge to be His spokesman, with the excuse that he was a stutterer who "didn't have " eloquence of speech or verbal agility and charisma, was not a learned theologian, or an astute Bible scholar. He reasoned with God that he wasn't qualified to carry out such a prestigious honor because he wasn't a Rhode's Scholar,he hadn't attended seminary, and was not a student of "Moody's". Imagine, a "mere" man reminding the God who formed him from the dust of the earth of his limitations ad frailties, in the face of such great favor, and elevation! Had God been concerned about the man's pedigrees ad credentials, He would have given Him a standard,formal interview and the opportunity to disclose facts that he already knew about Moses, because He is the Lord, Omniscient, but he called the man to serve because of what he "DID HAVE!" It was because He believed God, and was faithful, that God chose him, out of all of those who were more verbally excellent and impressive, and who could charm the scales off of a fish! These are the "typical" responses, movements and reasonings of God that make His "ways" past understanding, especially to the carnal man!

The widow woman who cried out to the Prophet, Elisha informed him of her condition of destitution by informing him that "Thine handmaid HATH NOT ANYTHING in the house save a pot of "oil",and the man of God was not alarmed by her drought or severe lack, as a matter of fact, he didn't think twice about it,because his faith had conditioned himto focus on and react to "what IS available",and so he reminded her that she still had the means to receive a great miracle. By her "having nothing" in the house,the foundation for her miracle was laid, because if she had had substance, that substance would've run out, or b een exhauseted in a matter of time, but by her having nothing but "empty vessesl", she was able to receive the "more than enough", and the overflow! The Prophet Jeremiah was having a similar moment when the Lord gave him such a profound Rhema Word by saying "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a Prophet unto the nations.", and instead of decalring "So be it" he immdiately focused on the fact that he "didn't have" the maturity, the experience, or the confident boldness to answer so great a call! Who else but a simple minded man and limited thinking man, who had the audacity to be created in the image of the Spoken Word Who was addressig him, would dwell on such minor facts, when the TRUTH, made flesh, is speaking ad decreeing, His good, acceptable, and perfect will for one's life?! So, once again the Lord had to patiently reason with one of his creations, and point out to him that, what He was being commanded to do had nothing to do with what he "had" or thought he "had, because what he needed to fulfill his destiny could only come from Him, the sovereign God, Who perfectly "gives" gifts to men! He had to remind him that what he "did have" was a hope and an expected end, that was sealed from the foundation of the world! The situation concerning the daughters of Zelophead, whose Father died and left behind an inheritance, that ordinarily fell to the sons,but he had none, has been one of great controversy, in the church world,because it supported a great truth regarding the Lord using women to further His kingdom, in His sovereignty and divine providence, and for the preservation of the same at all costs. "Why should the name of our father be done away with from among his family BECAUSE HE HATH NO 'SON"" Give unto us, therefore a possession among the brethren of our father". In other words, should the Church of Christ be allowed to become non-viable, and barren because the "sons" are missing from the house of God? I believe we serve a God more practical than that ,and instead of being consumed by the act that He doesn't have many sons who are of a mind to serve Him,and frequent the sanctuary of the Most High God, He is focusing on,and endorsing what or whom HE DOES HAVE, HIS DAUGHTERS! Malcom X wasn't the only one, or the first one who made a determination of "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY"!

The man who had suffered an infirmity for a span of thirty eight amazing years, over stayed his time in his condition, failing to experience the best of life,and all that life held for him because he was a most tragic victim of the "I don't have" infirmity.This man testified of how he had managed to make it to the revivals for years, but a simple matter of "not having" had stood between him and his miracle. "When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been a long time in that case He saith unto him "Wilt thou be made whole?" The impotent man answered Him, "Sir, I HAVE NO MAN, when the waters are troubled , to put me into the pool: but while I am coming,another steppeth down before me." The Lord didn't even deal with his reasons of "didn't haves", because his miracle didn't come from the pool of Bethesda, or from being lifted down into those angelically troubled waters, but through a"dialogue" with the "REAL THING", BECAUSE THAT TROUBLED WATER WAS ONLY A TANGIBLE "POINT OF CONTACT", in the absence of the Great Physician, Jehovah-Rapha, Himself. lt was the confession of his mouth, which he DID HAVE, and which worked fine, that procurred for him the healing that had been eluding him. It was his taking the time to concentrate on the Lamb of God, as the source of all power and provision, that shifted his posture into a conducive one for the Lord to meet him at his greatest point of need and frailty,and answer every one of his lingering, and held up needs through that single utterance which "he DID HAVE", from the depths of his soul.This "ain't got no man" syndrome of hinderance, slothfulness, and sabotage is a whole year's worth of blogs by itself, but for the sake of time, we'll summarize it and remind you that you do "have" the Ultimate Man the Ultimate Friend and Lover,the Son of Man, who will be as tangible, and accomodatig in your life,as you will allow Him to be! Your life may be consumed with overwelming "don't haves", or even a few "ain't gots", but rest assured, you actually "HAVE", a whole lot more than what you"DON'T HAVE", and if you will allow the Lord to shift your posture, realign your thinking, and perspective regarding the trying of your faith, He will change your testimony. You may not "have" an abundance of finances, or options, you may not have a "man" or a "woman", You may not have the desired "peace in your marriage", you may not have the soundness of mind or body that you once had, you may not have a friend in the storm, you may not have the same "favor" and acceptance as others down at the "church", you may not have two nickles to rub together most days, you may not have your own church building,just yet, and any number of other things may go lacking, but what you DO HAVE, or SHOULD HAVE, is joy unspeakable, the peace of God that surpasseth all uderstanding, a blessed hope and an assurance that Jesus is yours, the power of His Name , a hiding place beneath the shadow of His wings, the privilege to dwell in the "secret Place', and the greater power of His blood, and a promise that "Thanks be unto God, Who causes us to always triumph in Christ Jesus!"Get it together, girl! Square up, man of God, because, maybe before salvation, you were a card carrying member of the "I don't have club", but now that you're a "joint heir", in Christ, you possesss or "have got" all things, through , and in,Christ Jesus!

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