Gen 6:1-8 Quick thoughts;
  1. Angels and demons have easy access to human beings.
  2. Demons can easily have sexual intercourse with non-protected Christians and non-Christians alike
  3. Verse 4, and here after, means that after the flood this union to bring about strange people have continued even to our days
  4. Demons can enter and have union with any one who is not on guard. Sex in dreams is not a good thing and must be rebuked straight away
  5. These demons have lost their place in Heaven and were not part of the original rebels with Satan. They are therefore mainly interested in doing exactly what they came down to do. Sleep with humans to pervert the human race.
  6. Its possible that they are the forces behind all these sexual perversions we see in our generation.
  7. Their union with humans always results in increased wickedness.

Key message: Be on your guard and pray to resist and rebuke any such demons having union with you through dreams. It could also be possible that thy will come to you through normal sex outside marriage be it premarital or adultery.

God Bless You.

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