DETHRONING JEZEBEL, ATHALIAH & DELILAH (the evil 3 -fold cord) corrupting the church, God's beloved people & ultimately entire nations!

BELOVED, "Distracting storms" is a luring tactic draining the bride of Christ Jesus especially the much needed focus of our leaders. It's time to dethrone Jezebel (WHO HAS NO GENDER & who despises repentance-this evil spirit thrives on iniquitous patterns from generation to generation-giving satan the legal right to access and oppress families, the church, & entire nations!)

Tearing down Baal (the false image, false worship, religious performance unto God) and establishing God's divine order upon the earth will unseat, overthrow, & bring down the influence & control of Jezebel.

Athaliah (seeks to set up perpetual death structures on the generations of men) and Delilah (this spirit delicately seduces, perverts & redirects the passion of God to worldly pleasures - a destroyer of destiny) are equally dangerous and must be dealt with NOW!

WE MUST REPENT as a people, and PRAY AGAINST THIS 3-FOLD EVIL CORD, and REBUILD a holy alter unto the true and Living God who is our eternal Father.


Vanessa Anne Gray
Kingdom Ambassador

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Comment by Eric Adkison on October 25, 2010 at 9:28am
I need to read more on this...I want freedom...Tired of the struggle...
Comment by Ambassador Vanessa Ann on February 11, 2010 at 12:00pm
I shall share what the Lord has grafted in me in this area! I spend time reading and learning the art of warfare as I believe in order to defeat the enemy we must be privy to his evil works. His wiles are cunning and disguised as God targeting believers. He cannot curse believers covered in the blood of Jesus but he can trick us into cursing ourselves and hindering the answers to our prayers as he knows what displeases God.

Thank you for your encouragement of this post!

I love you and respect you greatly my honorable sister!

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