Monday, February 1, 2010

Whom`s that Lady !

In the red chair by the front door. A gorgeous present with the most beautiful wrap paper in the color of Burgundy and Royal Blue. The ribbon and band was a sign for sore eyes. It`s band was of fine fabric made of satin in the color of sparking gold. The ribbon bow was a deep purple in velvet fabric. As you past by the present you will think you are in the presence of royalty as a Queen.

The gentleman whom the present belong to is a man of great honor. He is loyal, respectable, courteous, kind, trust worthy, dependable and reliable. That`s why the present had to be specially so gorgeous for him. There is no one more handsome then him.

He open the package to fine a diamond. To his surprise it change his life. He had many diamonds before but none like this one. This one reminded him of the dreams he had been having. He couldn't`t tell anyone because he is the King.

He has the best of everything. Diamonds and Rubies and Peals were what he saw everyday. These are the women of his life. But none of these women had a treasure in them. That could pull his life together.

Many try to speak into his life. But only this diamond was able to reach into the deep treasures of his life. To give him words of hope and aspiration.

The king`s ideas and dreams can come forth because he responded by faith. To the words of God give to him by the diamond. That was wrapped in royalty clothes.

The Burgundy wrap paper stands for the blood. When the king saw the color Burgundy. His mind went back to the shedding of blood for the remission of sin. He knew then the diamond is a divine worshiper.

When he saw the color Royal Blue. He knew it meant Priesthood. That the diamond was a part of the Royal Family. The King knew then that the diamond was anointed.

The ribbon bow court his eyes next. The purple and royal blue and sparking gold on the bow reminded him of the story of Esther. The Queen of his life that is he had been dreaming about.

God has said that his spirit has gathered the man and woman together. That was the difference

with this woman. God was the one whom put the present in the chair. God knew what the king`s had been dreaming about and his taste for a true diamond in and out of his dreams !

Diamonds who do God have dreaming about you ?

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