Can a preacher ! Preach how to stay married if been divorce?

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Comment by Elder Clarence E. Bell Jr. on December 19, 2008 at 9:00am
I can say yes. My God has used many who have failed in oder to show others the right way. The Bible is full of those examples. Please don't waste your time contacting me and flooding my inbox. I answer only to God.
Comment by Tijuan C Evans on December 5, 2008 at 8:50am
Just like all money is not good money but God's Ground is good ground for planting so to are the words that come from God's Servant(s). Though one may not still be married there is no limitation on what they may tell you because of the spirit. We as preachers must remember that we are not speaking ourselves but it is God who speaks thru us utilizing what has been placed in us.
I do not feel that the question should be about the "minister's" personal life but rather is their personal life Helping somebody else. Ask yourself this Is that preacher helping to show somebody the error of their ways and unto salvation that ultimately God is Glorified and the Body edified? If a man or woman is teaching the unadulterated word of God and we believe the Word and not the man then live by the Word and the example of what not to do. Then pray that He/She get it right with God.

I could pose the question of Is it right for a married woman pastor to challenge men in the House of God when she wont challenge her husband who wont come to church?

Be Blessed but better yet Be a Blessing
Comment by Anthony McCardell on December 5, 2008 at 12:58am
I totally will say yes, because we all make mistakes and How do you know if He is the one that put her away or if she is the one that put him away. The grounds for re-marrying is based on Two things, Either Death or if a person has been put away and then the other person is free from that covenant. I am not talking about cheating or lying or something that spouse has done wrong. I am talking about if a woman or man put their spouse away and then re-marry. That spouse is no longer under the covenant made through marraige and then he or she is free. So my answer is yes He can. That is so silly to say just because I use to smoke cigarettes now I can't tell someone who smoke them to quit, that is the very reason I can tell them. Most people in life don't listen to people who have not been where they are. Most Drug addicts will listen to a man or woman who has been delivered from drugs before they will someone who has never been on drugs. That is why our testimony is vital. Jesus told peter In St. Luke 22: 32. Part b: When thou art converted strengthen thy brother. I hope that helped you.


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