Does My Boss Know I'm A Christian.

First let me say what I'm not talking about. I'm not talking about preaching on the job. You are paid to work, not preach. I'm also I'm not talking about asking each person you work with, do they know Jesus. Because you should have a good idea with out asking which employees our believers Because when you first started to work, you start building personal relationships with your fellow employees. Lets talk a little about The Christian in the workplace.

1 Many companies like to hirer committed Christians. They understand that a real Christian will not steal and will give a good days work for a good days pay. Also they have a strong moral foundation. Most people believe that they have a good idea of what a Christian is and how they should act. And they will be quick to judge you.

2 If you are building a personal relationship with your fellow workers they will learn that you are a Christian. You can be a witness for Christ if you are living a loving Christian life in the workplace.

2 At one time I worked as a night supervisor for a company that had a policy that all supervises had to learn who were the people they worked with each night. They said that if you understood who they were outside of work you would understand their actions on the job.

3.As Christians we need to understand our co-workers as people. And not be so fast to judge them, we should love them as people who Christ died to save. And let them know that you are a human being saved by the grace of God. And we must live the life of a Christian at work.
4.If you do that people will start coming to you and asking you about Christ and how to live a Christian life. Because that will want what you have. There will be problems, but let God guide you in your on the job Christian life. People know when they see a person, who is living a Christian life. So show Christ on your job. And Christ will bless you and your co-works.

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