The Bible says To train up a child when he is young when he is old he will not depart from it.
We are commanded by God to train our children. Fathers have the responsibility to bring up their children in the fear and admonition of God. We the best we can , some of us, but still they find a way to do some crazy things.

It is important young people that you understand that even as a young child, you have a destiny in God, it is important to know that you have been called even from your mother’s womb, and regardless as to how you act now, God still has need of you.

You must understand that God desires to bless you as well as your parents, as well as your church brothers and sisters, and He wants the world to know that you are his. That’s why the Word of the Lord says “suffer little children to come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of God.”

Listen young people whether you know it or not God wants to bless you, God wants to equip you, God wants to anoint you, God wants to give you gifts, God wants to make you prophets, and ministers, and musicians, and songsters, God wants to bless you.

I am here today to let you know that when you are blessed with what God has for you, the enemy is going to try to take it away from you, but just like you can selfish with your toys, and games, you have be selfish with your power, when the enemy wants to come and take it, tell him it’s yours and your not willing to share. Because if you share your power with him, he will take all of it and leave you powerless, powerless to fight back, powerless to get your healing, powerless to get your money, powerless to get your deliverance, tell the devil I’m not sharing.

There are some things that can cause you to lose what God has blessed you with young people, and parents as well, in fact let me say this, many parent have been in the way of their children getting from God what they need to live their lives fully for Him. Many parents are friends to their children rather than mother and father, they don’t know how to draw the line, and when it’s time to be the parent, it is not accepted by the child.

Some may even say I’m not in my child’s way, yes you are, when you laugh at them when they curse, you are in the way, when you clap for them when they sing suggestive songs, you get up and push your daughter on when she dances and shakes her hips to the music of the day, and you tell her she looks nice with that short skirt or dress, and the top which hides nothing you are in the way.

When you decide oh that’s right I’m supposed to be a parent to my child then it is too late and they buck against what you say to them in other words they get and attitude. Webster’s defines attitude as a state of mind or feeling.

Young people you are being used of God, and you are being empowered by Him, but I say to you today don’t let your attitude steal your power.

Samson had an attitude in that because he was not getting the treatment he thought he should have gotten he got ugly and went on a temper tantrum, he started doing things out of spite.

Arrogance can steal your power.

Pride can steal your power

Beauty can steal your power.

Parents can steal your power.

Disobedience can steal your power

Prayerlessness can steal your power

Failure to read your Bible can steal your power an attitude is a state of mind or feeling, what feelings are you getting, what is state is your mind in? Don’t let your attitude steal your power.

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