As you look back on this year, do you feel you have accomplished anything? Are you in a better place in life than you were this time last year? If this past year was the blueprint for next year, how do you think things will turn out? Most people today are not any better off. In fact in many cases things are a little worst, and past bad choices and habits are finally catching up with them. The key to success for this coming year is you. That’s right…you are the only variable that you have some control over. You are that only person that you can count on. If you were the gambling kind, you are the only sure bet! Why? Because you know what you are going to do, by the choices you make. Any other mindset is that of a victim. If you don’t want to be a victim you don’t have to be. The victim’s mindset reminds me of the present economic downturn.

There is so much talk about our economy, but very few are talking about the SOURCE of our economic woes. The economy issues are a result of bad habits, greed, and bad choices of a sum of individuals in our nation. So, on a personal level the real long-term solution is personal. If you and I made good choices about our financial lives—living a debt-free life and living within our means—the downturn in our economy will have some effect, but it would not cause “collateral damage” as we see in so many people’s lives today. It is understanding that you cannot predict the future of other people, but you can be prepared for the worst because your life will be built on a foundation of proven strategies and ageless principles.

Let’s take a stab at a few. One of most powerful principles is the power of looking into your future with an expectation of good things to come, creating in your mind a picture of a favorable outcome. This is what is called a personal life vision or dream. You can be broke, sick, and out of options, but you can start a new direction by dreaming your way to the top! It does not cost you anything, but it can deliver at your doorstep "UPS-style" everything that you desire so long as it is moral, legal and ethical. So, dream as big as you dare, but be sure to throw away the calculator when you do!

The next principle is the power of the pen. Write that vision down on a sheet of paper, a journal or something that you can look at often. This principle will help you crystallize your thoughts and start a process of moving towards your dream. “Your life will always take you in the direction of your strongest and most dominate thought.” For this reason be sure to write clear thoughts, using a storybook approach to your writing. Describe every detail of what your life looks like if your dream had already come to pass. Also, write in the present tense as if it is happening right now. If your mouth doesn’t water some, and your pupils don’t dilate and cause a little smile on your face, then you need to KEEP WRITING using word pictures that achieve the desired result.

Finally, you need to talk about your dream with a “climbing companion”, not someone who is hanging on to your ankle, dangling in the air by a rope. This will keep you from climbing higher and it just might cause a fatal fall. The solution to the dangling companion problem is simple---CUT THE ROPE and keep climbing. Don’t spend another year with a dangling companion. It is time for you to find a climbing companion with whom you can talk about what you each want to get when you reach the top of the mountain. Talk about what it is going to be like when you get to the top and what you are going to do with the spoils that you will possess!

So, remember that if 2009 is going to be better for you, you will need to DREAM BIG, WRITE CREATIVILY, AND CLIMB YOUR MOUNTAIN WITH A CLIMBING COMPANION.

Well, like Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that!

John Posey "The Video Preacher" or Google me!

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