In 2nd Kings 5, Naaman’s story gives a revelation that there are issues that require submission to God’s authority.These issues are those that are pressing and over bearing on our human nature.

Naaman was described as a man who was in great authority and had position. He had favor with royalty. His name was on guest lists for the greatest events. He was in fact a man that today would be described as having a life worth living. However, despite this he had an issue that nothing he had or no one he knew could resolve.

Commander Naaman had leprosy. He had an issue that only God, the Father could cure. He unwisely thought his authority was what required to command the Almighty God to move. Oh Naaman, someone should have told you more about the Most High God. The God that moves in His infinite power and wisdom. They should have explained that what was required of you was your submission and obedience.

Poor Naaman, he was truly lost. Then God did something that could have been perceived by Naaman as pure foolishness and a waste of his valuable time. He traveled to see the Man of God, Elisha and was met by a servant. It was not fit for this war hero to encounter a servant! His stature was to open doors.

Instead, God had to put things in perspective for Naaman. He revealed Himself as Jehovah, as El Elyon. This great man of earthly stature was introduced to an Authority greater than his. He was introduced to the God of Israel. Naaman was being taught a lesson on submission and obedience. The underlying issue Naaman had was arrogance and God had a cure!

Submission requires us to yield to God’s authority and render our selves powerless without Him. Life will take us before the Throne of the Almighty. And there we will bow. It’s in the submissive places that we encounter the sovereignty of God. His might, His power and His dominion.
Now this is a choice. Naaman, first choice was to refuse and rebel. He was going to walk away from His miracle out of arrogance.

The servant instructed Naaman to go and dip in the dirty and muddy Jordan River. He shared that then Naaman would be healed. Submission is not contingent upon how conducive or logical a situation may be. It is
required as well as obedience. There are no exceptions, no comfortable places for the flesh to reign. Naaman just had to submit and obey God.

He finally grasped the concept that God’s authority is unique and not able to be contorted by man’s viewpoints.
Naaman you must submit here to receive the miracle or you die in your arrogance. Wow, what a black and white situation. There were no gray areas. God did not budge. He would not go against His word not even for Naaman the great war hero.

God requires us to be willing and obedient. Naaman is a perfect example of our ability to choose to obey and submit.
Naaman’s arrogance was an equal issue to the illness. He had to rid himself of himself. We want what the miracle will yield but will not adhere to God’s instructions.
God does speak still today. He does heal still today. He does work miracles still today. We are able to witness the fullness of God’s peace in our lives if we submit to His will. The Word of God promises us that there is a reward for what is required.


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