Growing up here in new Zealand we have our native people here and in the main the relationship between all is good
Then three years ago I married my beautiful wife Geraldine she is from Zimbabwe beautiful colour. She is a trained nurse and spoke English very very well
I have had so many come up to HER AND SPEAK VERY SLOWLY DO YOU SPEAK E N G L I S H they also ask me what does your wife do ie work She is practise nurse manager at Te Waipuna “oh that’s a very big medical centre for the local Maori people here” Well she did her training here in New Zealand then and must have learned English here too No she learned it all in Zimbabwe !! But no that cant be I’m told so often
The last one who argued with me I told them she learnt English and nursing from the monkeys in the trees
But in reality there is a definite link between evolution and the way we in the west see black people racism
Monkey’s down out of trees to people standing up right to more evolved white people racism
We see images on tv of so much suffering etc and help needed and do little because they are of less value than us we seem to have been sold a lie they don’t have the same feelings etc as us primitive we devalue them as people and worth as much as us
God created all men in his image what ever colour where ever they are from life did not evolve in Africa but was created by God

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