Creating an environment for the emerging of Y GENERATION "THE MILLENNIALS"
There assignment to impact and influence the nations with the culture and values of the Kingdom of God.
EYES THAT SEE... And the woman conceived and bares a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child; she hid him three months. In an environment where everything is centered around me, myself and I; it is easy for us to conclude that our God is individualistic and not rather generational in nature. And while it is true that he begins with a seed, this very concept suggests that he is unlimited in his thougt.Yet it is from a single seed that patterns for a generation is established. A SEED SHALL BE COUNTED AS A GENERATION. Psalms 22:30.Every generation brings with them its own DNA,appropiate for its age. Our challenge then is to identify the peculiarity and significance of the emerging generation and thereafter take the appropriate step to secure the seed; for in it lies the deliverance and solutions for what is to come in its day and beyond. And while Moses story is great; A LEADER OF NATION,LED MILLIONS THROUGH A PATH THAT NEVER BEFORE TRAVELLED,DIVIDED A WALL OF SEA and much more; yet none of this will be possible except for EYES OF PARENTS THAT SAW. Many of his peers were slain as a result of Pharaohs order, but Moses survival was ensured because his parents saw that he was a goodly child. Critical to the advancement of the emerging generation is how they are perceived. How do we looked at them..For what we perceived of them will determined our response to them. Moses parents saw that he was a good child and took steps to hide and preserved him; sent him and cared for him in an environment that best lend to his natural ability to grow and become...Where else do you send a leader except in a palace.YGENERATION NEXT is a platform designed to assist in shaping the perception relative to the emerging generation and the extent to which the proceeding generation sees them in their appropriate place, then like arrows in the hands of mighty men we shall Endeavour to propelled them to their place of greatness and significance .THE EMERGING GENERATION IS OUR BEST EVIDENCE OF NEW BEGINNING;AN EXTENSION OF AN EXCEEDING GLORY. What an opportunity to see their arrival

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